Changes To Services

27th May 2021

As a result of the announcement of a 7 day lockdown effective from midnight tonight we are having to make some changes to our services.

This is being done as our group program supports do not meet the requirements of any of the 5 reasons for leaving home.

  1. Recyclability, Community Activities, Capacity Building and Club Teen will cease this evening and reopen on Friday 4 June 2021.

  2. The Number 4 Op Shop will be closed for the 7 days of the lockdown. It will reopen on Friday 4 June 2021.

  3. Murray River Tea Rooms will remain open. Volunteers from Victoria will not be able to attend as this will be against the lockdown rules.

  4. Clients living in CLRS Residential homes will remain at home for the 7 day period and will not attend programs.

  5. Supports for those clients living in the community will continue as planned unless they do not meet the requirements of the 7 day lockdown.

Hopefully this lockdown helps to stop this latest outbreak and we can all get back to our usual activities as soon as possible