Earlier Changes To Services

21st December 2020

With the new border permit system in place from 20th December we are pleased to say all CLRS Services will remain open.

The permit system and hard border is likely to affect NSW based staff who may experience traffic delays when getting to shifts. This may impact you and the supports we are delivering but we are working hard to minimise these impacts.

11th December 2020

All of CLRS Services have resumed with COVIDSafe plans in place

18th September 2020

With regional Victoria moving to Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopening (11.59pm Wednesday 16th September 2020) CLRS is making the following changes to services:

Stage 1

Monday 21st September the following activities will restart:

  • Cooking & Exercise at St Mary’s Hall
  • Pamphlets
  • Recyclability
  • Upcycling
  • Donation Bin emptying

Tuesday 22nd September the Recyclability collection and leaflet drop day restarts.

Wednesday 23rd September Cooking & Exercise program at St Mary’s Hall restarts.

Thursday 24th September Recyclability sorting day restarts.

 Stage 2

 Saturday 17th October Echuca Social Group

 Wednesday 21st October Lifeskills activity restarts

 Friday 23rd October no programs as this is the new AFL Grand Final Public Holiday

Stage 3

Wednesday 28th October Recyclability leaflet drop to resume

 Friday 30th October the following activities will restart:

  • Recyclability
  • Stuff Sales at Bilkey Court
  • Out & About Group 1 restart.

Saturday 31st October The Social Butterflies

Monday 2nd November Recyclability activities at Bilkey Court

Friday 6th November Out & About Group 2 restart.

 From 9th November all programs and activities are planned to be delivered.

The date for the reopening of the Number 4 Op Shop has not yet been decided. In order to reduce the risk to clients from the general public we have decided to keep this closed for now. When it reopens it will be with 1 staff member and one volunteer present during opening hours. There will be no more than 10 customers allowed into the Op Shop.

Donations to Recyclability will be accepted through the donation bins or kerbside collections only as these are non-contact activities.

4th August 2020

As a result of Stage 3 restrictions being reintroduced throughout regional Victoria (11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 2020) CLRS is making the following changes to services:

  • suspending the Recyclability social enterprise including closing the Number 4 Op Shop and clothing collection bins in the community.

  • suspending Community Activities which includes Pamphlets and Cooking and Exercise programs.

These programs will be suspended from close of business on Wednesday until at least the 13th September, in line with the State of Disaster announced yesterday and further updates today.

Murray River Tea Rooms will continue to operate. Once again I am encouraging Victorian clients to not access non-essential activities at the Tea Rooms, but it is up to each of you to make a decision about what you continue to do.

Club Teen will continue to operate in order to provide supports for the children of essential workers or children who are vulnerable. As Echuca Special School is continuing face to face learning this service become essential.

Clients receiving supports which involve accessing their community will need to make changes to these support services in line with the Stage 3 Restrictions.

Our Team Leaders and/or Program Supervisors will be in touch with anyone affected by these changes tomorrow to discuss how these changes will impact you and if there are alternative supports CLRS can offer you.

I know that these changes will be a challenge for all of us and I appreciate you working with us to support our community to stay safe during this COVID outbreak.

7th July 2020

With the announcement that the borders between NSW & Victoria will be closed from midnight tonight (7th July), we have had to review our services and supports and make some adjustments.

The following programs will continue to operate:

  • Murray River Tea Rooms as per opening hours

  • Number 4 Op Shop as per opening hours

  • Recyclability on Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • Upcycling activity on Mondays

  • Pamphlet group on Mondays

  • Cooking & Exercise groups on Mondays & Wednesdays every week

The following programs will not start until further notice:

  • Recyclability activities on Mondays

  • Lifeskills group on Wednesdays

  • Out & About groups on Fridays

  • Stuff sales at Bilkey Court on Fridays

It will be up to each of you to decide if you want to continue to access programs and activities but I am advising that from close of business on Tuesday 7 July:

  • clients who live in NSW cease accessing non-essential activities at Number 4

  • clients who live in Victoria cease accessing non-essential activities at the Murray River Tea Rooms.

10th June 2020

With Covid-19 restrictions now easing, our team have set out a plan for restarting activities. This planning takes into consideration state and federal directives and guidelines. These restart plans will have to change if the Government makes any new rules or changes to the existing rules.

Some of the rules we are putting in place are:

  • Limits on numbers of people in each room and space we use

  • New signing in and out procedures

The Restart Plan takes 6 weeks to complete, from starting activities until all activities are resumed.

The plan starts on Monday 15th June with the reopening of our No 4 Op Shop at the usual times of Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm & Saturday 10am – 1pm

On Thursday 18th June we will restart Recyclability with a sorting day.

We are still not accepting donations at the Op Shop but we have reopened our clothing bins.

9th June 2020

Club Teen is underway since the 26 May. Club Teen is providing afterschool supports to 10 young people and is planning activities for the school holiday break which starts on 29 June.

Murray River Tea Rooms reopened on the 1 June and is now open from 8am – 3pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12.30pm on Saturday. Only 10 lucky customers will be able to enjoy the Tea Rooms at any one time. The layout of the tea rooms has changed in order to accommodate this number of people and there is a hand sanitising station at the front door. We are very excited to welcome all of our volunteers and customers back on board.

9th April 2020

Many of our staff work in many different settings with a number of different clients.  This increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19. As a result we are making changes to where our staff are working.

These changes are as follows:

  • Staff who work in our residential homes who support clients 24/7 will only be working in one home.  We currently deliver supports to people in 11 homes in our community.

  • Staff who are not allocated to one of our residential homes will be available to work in the community with individuals.

In our residential homes everyone who comes to visit or comes to work will now be getting their temperature tested.

This is a measure required by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Victoria which was communicated to us yesterday, 8th April 2020.

25th March 2020

The statement made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on March 24th required the closure of another set of businesses from midnight 24th March, asking everyone to follow the social distancing rules and asking people to stay at home unless their trip out is essential.

This has encouraged us to make a decision to cease the delivery of activities which occur at Number 4 Percy St. This closure comes into effect on the 26th March.

The following programs and activities will not be occurring at Number 4 until these restrictions are lifted or eased:

  • Recyclability

  • Cooking & Exercise Program

  • Pamphlet Delivery

  • Out & About

  • Customised Employment and School Leaver Supports (SLES)

  • Upcycling

22nd March 2020

Today both the NSW and Victorian Governments announced new measures to support the effort to reduce the impact of COVID -19. Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison has provided more information about these measures just a short time ago. These measures mean that non-essential services have to close.

From tomorrow at midday Murray River Tea Rooms and the Recyclability Op Shop will close until these restrictions are lifted.

Once again we would like to thank all of you for your understanding during these unprecedented times and look forward to welcoming you back to the Murray River Tea Rooms and Recyclability Op Shop in the future.

We will post more detailed information tomorrow once we have received further information from the NSW & Victorian governments.

Lets make sure that we all play our part in reducing the impact of COVID-19 and observe the social distancing rules.

18th March 2020

We are making the following changes to our programs:

  • The Social Group activity planned for Saturday March 21st has been cancelled

  • Stuff Sales at 4 Bilkey Court have been suspended until further notice

  • Recyclability at 4 Percy Street and the Murray River Team Rooms will not be accepting donations until further notice

  • Changes have been made at the Tea Rooms to reduce risk and encourage social distancing