Changed Traffic Conditions & Road Closures

Community Living & Respite Services will be hosting its annual Johnno’s Run event on Sunday 6 August 2023 in Echuca and Moama, consisting of 21.1km, 10km, 5km and Junior Bolt (400m and 800m) events.

Start times for these events are:

  • 21.1km event – 8am
  • 10km event – 8.45am
  • 5km event – 9.30am
  • Gravity Shack Junior Bolt – approx. 10.30am (at the completion of the 5km event)

During these events there are a number of road closures and changed traffic conditions that will be impacted from 8am to 11.30am.

Please find relevant information below.

All roads will be re-opened at the earliest possible opportunity. Please take our event into consideration with your planned movements in the area, to minimise any inconvenience.

Road Closure Map

Johnnos Run 2023 Road Closures