Opening Doors Project


This week on the Barry Street blog, we spoke to Alex from Cerno Group – the project managers for the new Barry Street units.




Cerno Group have managed the Barry Street project from early concept design through to handover. Cerno Group were involved in the selection of EDG.Space for the units designs, and Bourke Builders for the construction of the units – who utilised local trades as much as possible throughout the build process.

As these units were built during COVID restrictions, Alex says, “COVID had an impact with resources and materials, and just made it more challenging… we felt we did a really good job of managing those challenges”.



When we asked Alex why it was important to have the clients and families involved throughout the design and build of the units, she said, “… it’s super important to have the clients involved… to familiarise them with their new homes. They’re the residents of the properties at the end of the day and we want them to feel like they’re moving into their own spaces…”

Alex also touched on the importance of accessible housing, noting that, “… it’s important for communities to be more inclusive and be able to provide options… for disability housing…”



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